Valentine's Day Ideas [2013]

This Valentine's Day. why don't you...

♥ Be your own valentine-- buy yourself flowers, eat something delicious, romance yourself!
♥ Give your sweetheart an amazing massage, a night at the movies, or a home-cooked meal.
♥ Re-read your favourite romantic novel.
♥ Write a love letter to someone you adore.
♥ Have a fancy dinner party.
♥ Go out on the town, solo.
♥ Cook dinner for your parents.
Read this.
♥ Exchange copies of your favourite books with your best friends.
♥ Pop a bottle of pink champagne.
♥ Eat chocolate-covered fruit in the bath.
♥ Make out. (Keepin' it simple, right?!).
♥ Paint your nails red and pink, perhaps with little hearts and tons of glitter?
♥ Splurge on some luxurious lingerie.
♥ Bake a cake for your neighbours.
♥ Have a midnight picnic with your lover (dress code: underthings only), then read some erotica over dessert. Ooh la la!
Take this advice.
♥ Send some valentines! These, these or these, perhaps?
♥ Eat something yummy & heart-shaped, like pavlova with Chantilly cream, a chocolate raspberry tart, or a Sacher torte with handmade truffles dusted with cocoa powder in three different shades?
♥ Buy one of these, one of these, one of these or some of these for some *ahem* adult fun.
♥ Eat heart-shaped eggs for breakfast or lunch with your room mates.

Just remember that Valentine's Day is all about love-- whether it's self-love, romantic love, or love for friends or family. However you choose to celebrate, have a wonderful day!

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