On Choice & Mental Illness

Here's the harsh reality:

We who battle mental illness will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. There's no cure. That's fact-- Just like we didn't choose to be born with a gene that predisposes us to mental illness, and/or didn't choose to experience the trauma that led to our developing a mental illness.

There is one matter in which we have a choice, though: we can choose to thrive. Some days will be hard. Some weeks, some months, maybe some years. And we might have to work harder than most.

But that's okay.

What I've learned, in my 20 years as a mental illness survivor is that hopefulness, self-love and persistence can take you far. Much farther than you ever dreamed.


And then, work toward your goals.

You can do this. Recovery (and a happy life) is in your grasp. Don't let anything (illness or otherwise) stop you. You can do this.
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