Things I Love Friday 7.12.2012

As I start this week's TiLF, I'm inspired by a quote my mom emailed to me:

Isn't that just beautiful? So optimistic and empowering. I love it!

This week....

I'm almost done my copywriting course at U of T! I've learned a lot and feel very accomplished. I earned 100% on my last assignment!

My bronchitis is finally going away.

I made a video to welcome you to Polish and Sparkle! The lighting is a little wonky because I'm not used to vlogging, but it's the thought that counts, right? Right?

Little things which made me smile:

Wearing earrings my best friends bought me (huge, vibrant flowers from Tush and a sweet little R and E from Chana). I feel pretty! Spending Tuesday with my mom. Buying a yellow and grey striped sweater dress (which I am obsessed with!). Sweet messages from Stacy. ♥ Lea Michele & Amber Riley's rendition of Take Me or Leave Me (from Rent) on repeat. ♥ My 'home state', Florida, is "the undisputed winner of WTF". I love you, Florida. Planning a visit to my out-of-town aunt's, for this weekend. ♥ Sharp cheddar cheese. Yum! ♥ This week's 2 Broke Girls was pretty great.

What was the highlight of your week?
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