Cat Heaven Island, Sweet Celeb Portraits & Freud on Homosexuality: Link Love 8.12.2012

Earlier this week, a pony and a zebra were found running around Staten Island!!

The President Is Not Impressed is an entertaining tumblr. I am impressed with it.

11 signs he desperately needs sex lessons just makes me sad.

Look at the cats!! I want to live in Fukuoka, Japan. Also cat-related: this is an adorable Maru gif.

25 years of cell phones in a single image. This is so cool! Do you remember your first cell phone? Mine was a hand-me-down flip phone that literally snapped in half! Eek. Makes me really appreciate my iPhone.

These celebrity portraits are really sweet... literally.

Curious about Sigmund Freud's thoughts on homosexuality?

I love this cheap, easy decorating idea from Stars for Streetlights.

The 6 plus size models featured at Refinery 29 are beautiful.

Enjoy your weekend!

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