75 Good Ideas for a Great Holiday

Here are some little things I recommend to make this winter holiday your best yet. Do them all or pick just a few, then tell me about them in the comments below!

1 Cupcakes! Make some, buy some... Whatever you do, cupcakes are always a fun, delicious addition to any day.

2 Stock up on magazines and novels. When it gets cold out, there's nothing like curling up at home with a good read.

3 Plan a get-together with your best friends.

4 Go snowshoeing or tobogganing. Great exercise, and a fantastic way to spend time with friends or family.

5 Stay inside and indulge in DIY spa treatments-- mani-pedis, facials, the whole thing!

6 Treat yourself to your childhood favourite sweets.

7 Have a movie marathon. All the Harry Potter films? A Fred and Ginger double feature? 

8 Taste a whole bunch of teas. Peppermint is always delicious. David's Tea's holiday blends look amazing, too! And Tazo's passionfruit is yummy and fruity.

9 One word: limoncello.

10 Plan a getaway. 

11 Take an online course. Coursera offers free online courses from top universities worldwide.

12 Have a Channukah party, complete with dreidel games and sufganyot.

13 Try glögg

14 Go winter camping and stay in a yurt. My family did this a few times when I was little, and it was a very memorable experience.

15 Turn up the heat, mix some piña coladas and pretend you're in the Tropics.

16 Learn to make a classic holiday recipe from scratch.

17 Knit a scarf or sew embellishments to an old sweater.

18 Go thrifting.

19 Go for a drive in the countryside.

20 Call your friends or family back home. 

21 Send handwritten thank you cards to everyone who sent you a card or gift this season.

22 Decorate gingerbread men.

24 Avoid the cold and stay in to organize your closet.

25 Invest in warm, high-quality winter boots.

26 Go skating with your lover (and hold hands!).

27 Catch up on schoolwork (or paperwork, or bills) so there's less on your plate after the holidays.

28 Spend a day doing absolutely nothing.

29 Volunteer (or donate money) to an organization you care about.

30 Send care packages to friends far from home.

31 Make paper snowflakes.

32 Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows.

33 Build a snowman.

34 Go to the beach and marvel at the frozen lake. 

35 Catch up on a TV series you enjoy. I recommend Big Bang Theory or Mad Men.

36 Go to shul or church (or whatever your  place of worship may be).

37 Make holiday cards and send them out to loved ones.

38 Learn a new skill, like calligraphy, skiing or photo editing.

39 Start a journal, diary or blog.

40 Find a new favourite indoor sport. Bowling? Roller skating? Swimming?

41 Go to a burlesque show.

42 Go for a walk at sunrise.

43 Read about Seasonal Affective Disorder, just in case

44 Email someone you haven't spoken to in ages, just to say hi.

45 Create a LinkedIn profile and a twitter account so you'll be ready to network in the new year.

46 Make New Year's resolutions.

47 Knock a few items off your bucket list.

48 Make sugar cookies or decorate ornaments for your relatives or neighbours.

49 Eat peppermint everything!

50 Host a dinner party.

51 Redesign your website.

52 Get reacquainted with your old favourite holiday movies and music.

53 Get a massage

54 Wear something velvet or sequined

56 Explore Toronto's PATH for some indoor shopping and exercise.

57 Light a menorah

58 Decorate a Christmas tree

59 Learn about a holiday you don't celebrate, but others do, at this time of year. Kwanzaa? Yule?

60 Go to the theatre

61 If you're daring, try a polar bear dip. I want to, but I don't think I'm brave enough (yet!).

62 Learn to crochet, felt or sew, and make something cozy.

63 Discover what style of hat looks best on you, and wear it all winter long.

64 Look at pictures of dogs in sweaters, because they're soooo cute!

65 Buy some cozy pyjamas and fuzzy socks.

66 Make soup. 

67 Peruse a craft show.

68 Spend an afternoon people watching at a local cafe.

69 Bring some unworn mittens to a women's shelter.

70 Have a hot bubble bath.

71 Read the classics.

72 Snuggle with a kitten.

73 Treat a friend to coffee.

74 Look at pictures of palm trees and beaches.

75 Chill vodka in a snow bank and make martinis.

What are you going to do this holiday?

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