Under the Weather? Get Better ASAP!

Hey, lovely readers! My online presence has been somewhat sparse the past few days, because I'm sick! Fever, congestion, migraine, coughing, runny nose... The whole bit. I'm sure that some of you are a little under the weather too, so here are my top tips for getting well ASAP:

-Take it easy when you have a cold! This should be common sense, but it's imperative to rest (mind and body) if you're sick. I know the world is fast-paced, especially if you live in the city or have a high-power career. Being productive and "on" all the time is important. But you should come first. Always.

-If you *have* to be at the office, drink lots of hot tea, suck on cough lozenges and try to sneak in a power nap.

-Go to bed early. You need your beauty sleep, especially when you don't feel well.

-Cheer yourself up. I tend to feel blue when I've got a cold, but sweets, Netflix and snuggling my cats makes it all better. Find a little way to pamper yourself. It could make all the difference.

-Have some soup (matzah balls optional). Jewish grandmothers know best, in this scenario. I don't have any in the house, so my mom made me tomato soup, which was perfect!

-Lastly: if you don't start to get better within the week, see the doctor. Obvious, but so important. Going to the doctor isn't fun, but suck it up, just to be sure your cold is nothing serious.

How do you take care of yourself when you're sick?

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