KStew hates heels; The Internet is pissed

Celebrity gossip rags (and now The Internet) are making a fuss about Kristen Stewart's disdain for high heels.

"Anyone who’s seen photos of Kristen Stewart in one of her perpetually occurring thousand-dollar-gown-and-ratty-sneakers getups... may be surprised to learn that the Twilight star works with a professional stylist".

Actually, no. Most actors have stylists. Also, most of us don't spend our days pondering the lives of said actors.

And really, 'getups'? Only tabloid writers and exasperated fathers who say to their teens "you're going out in that?!" say 'getups'.

Besides, every job has uniform requirements and being a celebrity is no different. But it's not like Kristen eschews heels and fancy dresses completely. She makes her appearance, then changes into her sneakers.

"[The stylist's] name is Tara Swennen, and she wishes Stewart would wear heels just as much as the rest of us".

Really? I don't "wish Stewart would wear heels". I like her laid-back, 'real girl' vibe. Not everyone is into wearing party dresses and stilettos. It's cool that she's confident enough to flaunt it.

"Unlike the rest of us, Swennen actually gets paid to try and convince Stewart to wear heels. And most of the time, it still doesn’t work".

Well damn, doesn't that suck? At least it means that tabloid journalist still has a job, right?

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