Hey Ocean!, Winter Knits & Emma Stone: Link Love: 24.11.12

10 Ancient Beauty Products is an interesting (but slightly horrifying) read from Lip Magazine.

Emma Stone's style is always on point!

"Wear your mood on your finger" with The Bay's mood ring that supports Not Myself Today, a Canadian mental health initiative. A good cause and an excuse to wear fun jewellery? Count me in! 

The right way to care for winter knits. Do you 'follow the rules'?

A rare white falcon was recently spotted at a Scarborough, ON mall. Usually these birds are only found in the arctic!

I love this outfit post from Not So Starving.

Sure, I enjoy reading Cosmo from time to time, but these sex tips? Terrifying. Please take them with a grain of salt (hell, the whole shaker!).

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are going to star in a movie together! I'm looking forward to this, aren't you?

I talk about Hey Ocean! a lot, but they're an incredible band, and they have another new video out, sooo... :) "I'm a Heart".

Enjoy your weekend!

Image: Tess Munster & Girlie Show Photography
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