Things I Love Thursday 26.4.2012

I'm taking a break from working on my ebook (!!) to write this week's TiLT and snuggle with my cat. I hope your Thursday is treating you well, too!

This week has mostly been recouperating from the last of a cold and my trip to the South. Yesterday I went downtown with two of my best friends, Chana & Tush. We had an amazing vegan lunch, explored Kensington Market, shopped at the Eaton Centre and shared some tiramisu at Wanda's Pie In The Sky.

Today I slept in, but since getting up I've covered a lot of ground, doing some spring cleaning, writing a few drafts and getting other stuff done. Busy busy busy!

Looking at photos from my pin-up inspired photoshoot at the historic Highland Inn, Atlanta ♥ Rose-scented sachets ♥ Irreplaceable -- Beyonce This is such a great resource! ♥ Pina coladas ♥ Silver nail polish ♥ Freshly laundered clothes that smell of lavender ♥ Chilly, sunny days (perfect for long walks!)

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