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I recently got an email from a reader who wanted to know what products, clothes & books are on my wishlist right now. Great question, Amber* (and thanks!). I find it fascinating to scroll through other bloggers' wishlists, so I'd be happy to share my own. 

If you want to check out what's on my list as I add it, here is my list. I also share on Pinterest.

Without further ado...

  L U S T   L I S T

If it were up to me, I'd live in sparkly flats! I really like these blue glitter flats by Pleaser.

The Clinique Chubby Stick looks amazing! Everyone I've talked to on Pinterest says it's amazing, so I'm pretty tempted...

The Trotsky is a great, indie, Canadian-made film about a Montreal teenager who's convinced he is the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky. It's quirky, funny, romantic & clever. I could watch this over and over again, so I'm saving my pennies to buy a copy for my DVD collection. Other Canadian-made books, movies and music that tempt me: Alexz Johnson's album, Voodoo, 18 To Life & Zoe Whittall's Bottle Rocket Hearts (of which I had a copy, but gave it away-- the first to Amanda Palmer, the second to a friend... so I need a new one!).

I always want books! Lately topics include: Southern culture, sexuality & Canadian social history.

Nars cosmetics come in demure colours and have naughty names. "Orgasm" lip gloss is supposed to be  pretty amazing.

Money can't buy it, but... I would love a day in which to indulge in these 10 little things to do for yourself.

This dress is cute, colour-blocked & comes in plus sizes!

Zero chocolate bars are so good. Stockpiling them would make up for the fact that we don't have them in Canada, right?

A "Plus Size Barbie" t-shirt like Tess Munster's!

Speaking of t-shirts: I blogged for Out of Print a few weeks ago, and Out of Print sent me a Wonderful Wizard of Oz tee! I love it so much that I'm lusting after their others, including Charlotte's Web and The Bell Jar. If there were one for Gone With the Wind I would cry tears of joy, most likely.

Other stuff: stockings & knee-high socks, an underbust corset, neon denim (which is so hard to find in my size!), a 50's-style bikini and a push-up bra.

What's on your wishlist right now? Share with us!

I'm not compensated or endorsed by any of these companies, unless otherwise stated. 
*Name used with permission.
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