T-Swift, Tea & Terrible Sex: Link Love 3.2.2012

I love that, on a Starbucks run, Taylor Swift looks stylish but casual, like a "regular person".

Thoughts During Terrible Sex is good for a laugh.

7 Reasons You Should Love Tea.

Wolfmother from Adam Bilsing on Vimeo is unbelievable.

These outfits inspired by Marie of Disney's The Aristocats is purrfectly chic and adorable.

Canadian Stopsicle is pretty cool.

I love tights, especially really brightly coloured or unique ones. Some of these are a little too out there, though. What do you think?

Dianna Agron's SAG Awards look was beautiful. Here's how to emulate it.

This letter penned by E.B White is superb.

Have a great weekend, gorgeous!

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