Link Love 17.2.2012: Cats As Ad Men, Olivia Wilde & Poutine Galore!

Happy Friday!
Here's a round-up of the best of the web this week. Enjoy!

Test Your Vocabulary offers an estimation of how many words you know. It's pretty nifty!

This project from Kind Over Matter makes me want to leave little love notes for strangers. I've handwritten notes and compliments and affirmations before & stuck them in books or on mirrors, but this idea makes it even easier to make someone smile.

Grapefruit: healthy and delicious.

A diet of nothing but chicken nuggets put this teen in the hospital-- but at least she's skinny. Prolific Health At Every Size writer Ragen Chastain says it's time to stop associating weight and health (& I couldn't agree more!).

21 Vintage Cat Advertisements. I like the stove polish ad, because that cat looks like my Edward!

There's a tumblr dedicated to poutine! Très délicieux!

Olivia Wilde's latest magazine cover is stunning.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Image Source: Jessicka Addams @ Instagram.

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