Chris Brown Rewarded For Suffocating Girlfriend

Thanks to "that time" he beat up his girlfriend, Chris Brown is more famous than ever.

And lots of girls think he's hot:

"I don't know why Rihanna complained. Chris Brown could beat me anytime [sic] he wanted to". [Via]

Brown's fans, of course, conveniently forget the fact that Rihanna couldn't complain; Brown's brutality escalated until he was "choking and threatening to kill [Rihanna] before she lost consciousness". At that point a neighbour called 911. [Source]. Imagine if she hadn't?!

"But that's all right", Brown's fans say. "He's hot. And he performed at the Grammy's, and it was, like, totally awesome.

"And OMG he has such a way with words: just look at this recent tweet, where he totes slams his haters".

Because his "haters" are completely out of line, being revolted by a (so-called) man who inflicted severe injuries on an innocent person?

At least if Brown had been remorseful, proven his behaviour that night was completely out of character, that he was truly sorry and would never do it again, maybe he would deserve some acceptance from society and continued record sales.

But how can people call themselves fans of a man like that? They should be ashamed. Almost as ashamed as Brown should be of himself.

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