Excited About Spring

Despite all the snow on the ground here in Toronto, it's time to get excited about spring! We could all use a healthy dose of optimism and sunshine, so, a la Tres Sugar, here's a list of things to look forward to about this time of year.

<3 White eyelet dresses
<3 Berries are in season at last!
<3 Time for sneakers, strappy heels or flats-- no more heavy boots.
<3 Yummy light desserts like meringues, blueberries and cream or frozen yogurt
<3 Day trips
<3 Grilled vegetables on the BBQ
<3 Easter, Passover + Ostara
<3 Wearing neon and pastels

What would you add?

11 Ideas for Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour is WWF's initative to get people to think about the impact we have on the environment. For one hour every year, we are asked to turn off our lights in honour of the earth and to think of ways we can 'go green' and be better to ourselves and the rest of the world.

This year, Earth Hour is from 8:30 to 9:30 PM, 26 March (today!!).

Here are 11 great ideas to keep you busy.

1 Lights off, candles lit, table set... perfect for a romantic dinner!

2 Go for a walk and enjoy the crisp weather. See how many of your neighbours are celebrating Earth Hour too.

3 Read a book under the covers with a flashlight, the way you did as a little kid when your parents thought you were asleep!

4 Invite friends over to chat and have tea.

5 Good For Her has some ideas ;)

6 Have a nap.

7 Bathe by candlelight, perhaps with a glass of wine or some bubbles?

8 Sing campfire songs.

9 How about a visit to Putting Edge?

10 Roast marshmallows over the bbq!!

11 Have a yummy late night dinner at Jack Astors. The entire restaurant is celebrating Earth hour!

What will you be doing tonight?

NYC Says He's a She

New York law states that transpeople must undergo genital surgery to change the gender status on their birth certificates.  Canada's similar laws are not as intrusive and unconstitutional, but nonetheless make things more difficult than they should be.

Gender is not always connected to sex and government is meant to protect its country's people, not check what's in their pants (or under their skirts) and define them with an M or F.

Says Sam Berkley, an NYC (trans)man, "I don't feel comfortable with the government deciding whether I'm a man or not".

Governments (especially that of the United States) are obsessed with controlling citizens' gender identities and sexual preferences. When poverty, violence and prejudice are running rampant and taking lives, aren't there more important things for politicians to do than regulate birth certificates and ban marriages?

St. Patrick's Day

Want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but have no clue what to do? No need to worry; etched in tin has you covered!!

Rainbow Pudding-- Yum!!

Rainbow Pudding from Craftzine.com (via Canadian Family). Looks almost too good to eat!!

Were you at the Annual Toronto St Patrick's Day Parade yesterday? Here's a sweet article about the event.

Dine T.O. has a pretty extensive list of Irish Pubs to visit. Green beer 'tis!

Babble has a great list of shamrock-coloured treats to whip up in your kitchen.

St. Paddy's Day jokes and toasts-- fun!!

The Toronto Public Library is hosting free "green" themed events. Click here for a  list of participating branches.

Not a fan of beer? Simply looking for a different way to spread some Irish cheer? Why not listen to some live Celtic music or learn to make traditional Irish eats instead?

If you've partied a little too hard and are feeling green come 18 March, this Hangover Guide will make you feel like you've got the luck o' the Irish all over again.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Confetti 11.3.2011

The house from Disney's Up has been recreated! See above photo, plus more here.

Want to help Japan? Here are some great ideas.

Uxbridge Public Library is having a Giant Used Book Sale 16-19 April. I'm from North York (as most of you know ;) ) but Uxbridge's library remains one of my favourites. So go to the sale! You'll see me there.

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way", a capella.

I've mentioned Dlish Cupcakes before (afterall, I am a dessert aficionada!), but here's something new to be excited about: limited edition "18Karrot" cupcakes. Yum!

These posts (1) + (2)  from Beau+Aero are stunning! I love the Native-inspired pieces.

Good For Her has released this year's list of nominees for the Feminist Porn Awards. I get the feeling lots of people will be busy catching up on nominated films this weekend, and not for the Oscars ;)

I will always have a soft spot for cats in hats.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Let's Send Our Love To Japan

Japan was hit with an terrifying 8.9-magnitude eathquake today, followed by a devastating tsunami. As the death toll rises and more people are reported missing, we need to do everything we can to help.

Send your thoughts, love and prayers to everyone affected by this tragedy. If possible, donate to one of many incredible charities doing all they can to provide relief.

Here are a few options.

Red Cross Canada

Rogers and Fido customers can text their donations. More info here.


Telus customers can text their support now too.

Lady Gaga has designed a Prayer Bracelet, with all proceeds going to charity. Buy one at her online store.

UPDATED (12 March)

Join this livejournal community for more ways to help.

Also on livejournal, purchase a virtual gift for $2.99, with proceeds going to charity.

Link me to more charities and relief organizations, please, and I will post them here as well.

The Artist Project 2011

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending The Artist Project Toronto, a four-day show featuring "200 of the best independent contemporary artists".

Got my tickets!!

Discovering art thrills me, so strolling down aisle after aisle and meeting the men and women behind the masterpieces was an incredible way to spend an afternoon.

A lovely display.

Did you attend The Artist Project Toronto 2011? What did you think? I definitely recommend going next year, and you'll be sure to see me there!!

When is the last time you really savoured a meal?

Try following Geneen Roth's "Basic Rules To Eat By":

1. Eat when you are hungry.
2. Eat sitting down in a calm environment.
3. Eat without distractions.
4. Eat what your body wants.
5. Eat until you're satisfied.
6. Eat in full view of others.
7. Eat with enjoyment.

Geneen emphasizes pleasure and mindfulness, both essential to a healthy figure and body image.

etched in tin is here to inspire you to embrace and love yourself, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  So I want to know: What's the last thing you did to make yourself feel awesome about the way you look?

xo Becca

[NOTE: Photo belongs to me. Excerpt from Geneen Roth's book inspires, but does not belong to me.]

Thought For The Day 7.3.2011

On her twitter recently, Amanda Palmer said "[W]omen frequently compete w[ith] each other, which strips us of our collective power".

We need to support, inspire and empower each other.

What will you do to make a lady's day today, beautiful?

Confetti 4.3.2011

Good morning, dear readers!! I have lots of confetti for you this week.

Quick Caprese-Style Toasts from Chatelaine look yummy! They're easy to make and super healthy-- perfect for a Friday night amuse-bouche.

Have you seen Lady Gaga's latest video? Born This Way premiered this week and it's already a hit. Adam Lambert describes it as "wild and weird! ...Like Barbarella meets Alien".

As the weather warms up, bright pink lips will be hot. MAC is leading the trend. Gorgeous!

This recipe from the Domestic Sluts looks sooo good. I know what I'll be drinking tonight....

A skinny Mr Potato Head? Really?!

Graphic designer + popular blogger Nubby Twiglet recently visited Paris. Her blog posts (1) and (2) about the adventure.

Via twitter, some great advice from Hunter Burgan.

Have a wonderful weekend xx

TiLT 3.3.2011

Happy Thursday!! I'm curled up on the couch with a red fuzzy blanket, laptop on my thighs and teacup within reach... a lovely way to start a chilly morning.

Here are some other things I'm loving today....

+ Black Swan. I watched it twice this week! Can't get enough, and I still have no idea what I think of it, other than intriguing.

+ I'm really excited to check out Marimekko at Crate and Barrel.

+ Creamy hot chocolate in paper cups, warm mittens and long bus rides on late-winter mornings.

+ Adding to my Maman's sock monkey collection :)

What are you loving this TiLT?

Self Injury Awareness Day 2011

1 March is Self Injury Awareness Day.

In honour of this incredibly important annual day of awareness, I have put together a little faq on self injury. Included at the bottom are a few resources and a message from me to you.

What Is Self Injury?

Self injury (also known as s.i. or self harm) is the act of hurting one's self physically (cutting, burning, etc) in an intentional, direct way. It is often as a result of, or co-morbid to mental illnesses such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder or Major Depression. Like most illnesses, s.i. is exacerbated by stress.

Is Self Injury Related To Suicide?

Contrary to popular belief, self harm is almost never linked to suicide attempts. In fact, many people who s.i. say hurting themselves helps them cope with negative feelings, intense pressure or suicidal thoughts. Favazza, who studied s.i. intensively, states ". . . self-mutilation is distinct from suicide... A basic understanding is that a person who truly attempts suicide seeks to end all feelings whereas a person who self-mutilates seeks to feel better".

How is Self Injury treated?

Like anxiety and mood disorder sufferers, those who s.i. often benefit from talk therapy and/or medication.

The most effective treatment for self injury is replacing cutting or burning with other, much healthier coping mechanisms. Mental Health professionals can teach patients Cognitive Behavioural Therapy skills. Use of Fidget Toys can be implemented.  Grounding Techniques are incredibly helpful too.

If you have any questions, please contact me or check out the resources below.

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA)
First Aid for Self Injury
Support Self Injury Awareness

A message from me to you...

To those suffering from self injury: This will not last forever. Stay safe. You are worth it.

To those recovering from self injury: Every attempt you make to recover is worth so much. You can do this.

To those who support self injury awareness and/or know and love someone who hurts him or herself: Thank you for standing by us and keep it up!

Wear your orange ribbons with pride.
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