Confetti 11.3.2011

The house from Disney's Up has been recreated! See above photo, plus more here.

Want to help Japan? Here are some great ideas.

Uxbridge Public Library is having a Giant Used Book Sale 16-19 April. I'm from North York (as most of you know ;) ) but Uxbridge's library remains one of my favourites. So go to the sale! You'll see me there.

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way", a capella.

I've mentioned Dlish Cupcakes before (afterall, I am a dessert aficionada!), but here's something new to be excited about: limited edition "18Karrot" cupcakes. Yum!

These posts (1) + (2)  from Beau+Aero are stunning! I love the Native-inspired pieces.

Good For Her has released this year's list of nominees for the Feminist Porn Awards. I get the feeling lots of people will be busy catching up on nominated films this weekend, and not for the Oscars ;)

I will always have a soft spot for cats in hats.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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