My Beauty Wishlist -- Spring 2016

Winter is slowly (very slowly, here in Toronto!) turning to spring, and fabulous new makeup products are catching my eye, making me dream of the colourful beauty looks I'm going to rock when it's warm out.

My Beauty Wishlist Spring 2016

Here are my top picks (Click the link above for more information about every product pictured!):

I can't resist a good hot pink, so Anastasia Beverly Hills' Liquid Lipstick in Party Pink has caught my eye. It was actually sold out at my local Sephora, last I checked, and Jeffree Star is a fan of Anastasia products. So they've gotta be good, right?

Speaking of Jeffree Star, have you tried his Velour Lip Scrubs? They come in five flavours, and I've read lots of positive reviews. I'm awfully tempted by the root beer one!

Sephora's Colorful Gloss Balm is moisturizing and is not sticky. And in Peek-a-Blue, it has a fabulous blue tint! I'd love to try other shades, like Adjust Your Tiara.

Tone Correcting or Color Correcting products is really popular lately. I'm new to this technique, so I plan to learn using ELF's Studio Tone Correcting Powder, because I'm on a budget and I prefer powder to liquid products. The pallette is only $4US and it comes in warm and cool tones.

I like fragrances that are portable, so I can reapply once or twice during the day, or spritz some scent on if I forgot to before leaving the house. Buying a rollerball is also a great way to experiment with fragrances, because they cost about $20-35-- far less than a full size bottle of perfume. Prada Candy smells delicious, so it's earned its spot on my wishlist.

I'm not quite a contouring master yet, so I'd love to get Sephora's MicroSmooth Sculpting Trio and some cute heart shaped cosmetic sponges to practice with.

What's on your beauty wishlist?

This post is not in any way sponsored by or affiliated with any of the brands mentioned here. I do not make any money from the links shared within. 

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