Music Monday 13.4.2015: Bigger On the Inside

I'm feeling emotional. My life has been incredible lately; moving into a new place with my mom and my cats, meeting (and falling head over heels for) a new man, having cancer, Crohn's and other terrifying illnesses ruled out as the cause of my severe abdominal pain.

Life has been hard, too. The chronic pain, for one. Losing my father and my brother. Coming to terms with my worsening disability. 

So Bigger On the Inside, Amanda Palmer's new song and first Patreon project really resonates with me. My favourite lines:

And I am tired of explaining 
And of seeing so much hating 
In the very same safe haven 
Where I used to just see helping 

I've been drunk and skipping dinner 
Eating skin from off my fingers 
And I tried to call my brother 
But he no longer exists 

I keep forgetting to remember 
That he would have been much prouder 
If he saw me shake these insults off 
Instead of getting bitter.... 

I am bigger on the inside 
But you have to come inside to see me 
Otherwise you're only hating 
Other people's low-res copies

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