Let's Love Fat People Like We Love Santa

What's the difference between the average American and Santa Claus? Not waist size. It's the way they're percieved by society.

Santa, is a 'jolly fat man'. Sure, jokes are made at his expense ('Hey Santa, do you really need to eat a cookie at every kid's house?'. 'Couldn't you leave the sleigh at home and walk? LOL!!!1!'), but he's generally adored. 

The average American wears plus size pants too-- and is ridiculed and downright oppressed for that. 

Unless you're Santa, if you're fat, you'll be glared at every time you reach for a cookie. If you're not walking with a big bag of gifts (or something equally heavy) over your shoulder, you'll be criticized for being a lazy slob. You won't have a bright red specially- made outfit to wear. You'll go store to store and try on ugly, over-priced, poor quality clothing and feel like a failure whenever you can't zip or button them.

And when Christmas comes around, instead of cookies and milk and hugs from children, you'll get unsolicited diet tips and a winter coat that makes you look like a blob.

This holiday season, let's be like Santa: Let's judge people as being naughty or nice, not fat or thin.

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