Secrets, Side Show & What Men Should Know: Link Love 21.11.2014


Happy Friday! How was your week? Here in Toronto, we got our first snow of the year. It's gorgeous on the trees, but slushy and icky on the ground (already!).

Links for you:

The Worst Cat is ridiculously adorable. (And, pssst... Not really a cat!).

What to have in your closet by 21, from Seventeen Magazine. I agree with most of this list. How about you? Anything you'd add?

The one basic thing men still don't seem to understand about women.

'[I]f “dieting worked, it wouldn’t be a $60 billion-dollar industry”'. This article from Everyday Feminism is just so, so great!

♥ I'm all about small gestures of kindness!

Side Show is coming back to Broadway!

♥ Meet the Pirelli calendar's first plus size model

♥ Also from Lucky: Which city matches your style? I got Miami.

How to get shit done even when you're totally unmotivated, from The Nectar Collective.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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