Happy BFRB Awareness Week!

Shout out to all the Sparklers battling BFRBs. You're strong, you're brave and you're beautiful. 

If you're not familiar with BFRBs, here's the scoop: Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRBs), including Trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder) and Dermatillomania (skin-picking disorder) affect at least 4% of people, but are rarely spoken of, because of the stigma attached to having a mental illness. BFRBs can carry extra stigma because they affect a person's appearance-- and our society is obsessed with appearances.

Whether you have a BFRB, know someone with one, are a teacher or mental health professional, or simply want to help spread the word, here are a few ways you can help:

1. Spread the word. Take to social media or speak up in your (IRL) social circles. Start a discussion about the prevalence of BFRBs in your community. Talk about your own experiences, if you're comfortable doing so. Share blog posts like this one.

2. Donate to an organization like Trichotillomania Learning Center, to support ongoing research and community outreach for people with Trich and related disorders.

3. Download TLC's free hair-pulling and skin-picking awareness cards (BFRB awareness card pictured above) and hand them out.

How are you spreading the word about BFRB awareness week?

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