Mental Health Week 2014

We're mid-way through Mental Health Week 2014, and I want to honour this week of awareness here at Polish and Sparkle.

Sparklers are a special sort of people, who are empathetic toward those with mental illness(es), even if they're neurotypical, themselves. And Sparklers who are mental health warriors are resilient and bold, and unafraid to share their struggles and their successes. (Yes, I am tearing up a little-- I'm really proud you're my readers).

To celebrate Mental Health Week, here are some links you might find useful:

3 popular mental health posts at Polish and Sparkle this year:

3 excellent mental health resources from around the web:

3 things to make you smile:

Cat Bounce - mindless, silly, full of kitties!
Sloths! Sloths! Sloths! - My sloth-full Pinterest board.

For more mental health resources, fun stuff and other great links, follow me on Pinterest.

How are you celebrating Mental Health Week this year?     

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