Things I Love Friday & Link Love 30.5.2014

Yay! It's Friday!
What a week! I hit a few rough patches this week, with my anxiety and Borderline, but things started looking up Thursday, when I wrote, had a heart to heart with my boyfriend and spent some time with my parents. Weeks like this are when I'm especially happy to pen a gratitude list. I hope you'll join me!

It's all about the little things!

It finally feels like summer! ♥ Wearing a pleated maxi skirt and crop top. Fat girls in crop tops forever! ♥ Dozing off next to my boyfriend and feeling him pull me in closer. ♥ Grilled bell peppers. ♥ Compliments from strangers. "Lolita sunglasses" ♥ Nicki Minaj's new song ("Pills N Potions") ♥ When my cat waits for me to come out of the shower. So cute! 

Link Love 

♥ I really enjoyed this interview with Kat from She says, "read everything!". Short and sweet advice. I couldn't agree more!

♥ Your child (or inner child!) will love this free printable Maleficent activity book (via Saving Dollars and Cents).

♥ I finally got to see Mad Men's mid-season finale. Loved it! How about you? My favourite part was Bert Cooper's send off. Can't go wrong with a song and a dance!

How was your week?

Things I Love Friday & Link Love 9.5.2014

I can't believe it's already the second week of May! I thirst for even warmer weather; time for sun dresses and sandals, walks in the park, sipping drinks on downtown patios. Bliss!

Little things which made me smile:

Reading Lolita Exploring Allan Gardens with my boyfriend. ♥ Yummy glass noodles and sushi with my dad at HoSu. Broadway singalongs in my bedroom. I can belt it like the best of them (in my dreams, at least!). ♥ Baked brie. Lots and lots of baked brie. Yum. Misheard lyrics. Ha!

Link Love:

Ellen Page looks stunning in her Flare cover shoot. Um, and she's single, ladies!

Pets may help prevent urges to self harm. Another reason to go hug your cat or dog!

♥  I love 20s singing sensation Helen Kane and you will too. Boop-Boop-a-doop!

This warm spinach artichoke dip looks delicious.

What's on your gratitude or reading list this week? Have a wonderful Friday!

Mental Health Week 2014

We're mid-way through Mental Health Week 2014, and I want to honour this week of awareness here at Polish and Sparkle.

Sparklers are a special sort of people, who are empathetic toward those with mental illness(es), even if they're neurotypical, themselves. And Sparklers who are mental health warriors are resilient and bold, and unafraid to share their struggles and their successes. (Yes, I am tearing up a little-- I'm really proud you're my readers).

To celebrate Mental Health Week, here are some links you might find useful:

3 popular mental health posts at Polish and Sparkle this year:

3 excellent mental health resources from around the web:

3 things to make you smile:

Cat Bounce - mindless, silly, full of kitties!
Sloths! Sloths! Sloths! - My sloth-full Pinterest board.

For more mental health resources, fun stuff and other great links, follow me on Pinterest.

How are you celebrating Mental Health Week this year?     
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