10 Fun Things To Do This Fall (Whether You Have Fibro or Not!)

My pain has been really bad for the past few weeks, so I've been down in the dumps (hence my not writing as often as usual). Fortunately, Autumn is here; the new season is an excellent opportunity to renew enthusiasm for the little things in life. Goodness knows that in coping with chronic illness, a little positivity goes a long way.

So this Fall, why don't you...

1 Take a hike. Tread on crisp, crunchy leaves and admire the foliage's breathtaking colour.

2 If your body can't take a 10k, just get outside. A leisurely nature walk or sitting in a park may be more your speed (I know it's mine-- at least for now!).

3 Head to an apple orchard. Few things say Fall like hot apple pie and picking your very own Granny Smiths.

4 Make nature-inspired crafts. Try leaf rubbings, carving pumpkins or painting with fall colours.

5 Flaunt Fall nail art. Head to your favourite manicurist, or try a DIY mani. Ideas: Oxblood polish, black cats or cozy plaid.

6 Exercise outside. Since I have fibromyalgia, my doctor recommends I do stretches daily. I plan to take advantage of crisp Autumn mornings by taking my workout outside.

7 Upgrade your fall wardrobe with chunky knits, tall boots and fuzzy socks.

8 Donate non-perishables to a local food bank. Sometimes when your own pain is bad, helping a stranger can help you feel better. And since Thanksgiving is coming, food banks need all the help they can get.

9 Embrace an Autumn beauty trend, like the smoky eye (a classic), or black lipstick (for the daring).

10 Bake cookies. Bonus if they're shaped like cats, leaves or pumpkins!

Do you have anything exciting planned this Fall?
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