Things I Love Friday // Link Love // 12.7.2013

Gratitude is a vital part of healing, mental health and wellness. Once a week, we compose a list of things we're most grateful for. You're invited to share yours in the comments below.

Best of the week:

♥ Realizing that, despite an immense amount of fatigue and pain and feeling discouraged, my persistence and ambition never falter. That feels amazing.

♥ Beach day! Chana, Tush, Abbi & I went to Woodbine Beach last weekend. Few things make me happier than swimming in the lake, especially with such great company.

Little things which made me smile:

♥ I ordered one of these stickers. Yay, Hillary! ♥ Ravioli. ♥ Swimsuits that make you say, "wow, I'm hot!". ♥ Ellen Page is a feminist. ♥ Not getting a sunburn. ♥ Midnight blue manicures with lots of glitter. ♥ Sick Puppies' new album is coming out this week! ♥ The ginger cat who keeps coming to my backyard, sitting on a lawn chair and meowing. Too cute. ♥ Michael Pitt. ♥

Link Love:

Marimekko offers a free downloadable monthly desktop calendar. This month, it features a cute black cat!

Make your own maxi skirt!

How Cynthia Rowley Built Her Fashion Dynasty.

I mentioned in an interview that my dream was to design Band-Aids for adults. A few weeks later, someone from Johnson & Johnson called. I tell all my employees: If you want something, put it out there as loudly as possible.

14 books to read before they hit the big screen.

Matilda stars reunite after 17 years.

19 Disney characters that could have looked completely different.

Have a great weekend!

Image: Naya Rivera
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