Things I Love Friday 1.3.2013

Hey, it's March! Can you believe it? Time to enjoy the last of this winter and look forward to spring... Frilly dresses, chocolate bunnies, fresh flowers and long walks in the woods. Exciting! So here's a wrap-up of my week. Be sure to share your own gratitude list (or a link to it) in the comments below.

Best of the week:

♥ A huge breakthrough for both my business and my confidence.
♥ An excellent dinner with my dad at Positano.
♥ Finally seeing Tush for the first time in months. I've missed her so much.

Little things which made me smile:

♥ Listening to my favourite Queen song ("Killer Queen") on repeat ♥ Perfect winged eyeliner ♥ Hours spent poring over travel brochures ♥ Getting compliments for a job well done ♥ When friends absolutely adore the gifts you give them ♥ High scores on extra credit quizzes ♥ The New Black's dark blue nail polish ♥ Chatting with my friend Sherri (she works with me at The Selectively Silent Child, and she's totally awesome). ♥ Snow-covered pine trees ♥ Salon visits ♥ Striped sweater dresses with long chain necklaces ♥ Demi Lovato's new single, "Heart Attack". It's beyond amazing. ♥ When cats push doors open with their heads and announce their presence with meows. Ha! ♥ Suuuper comfy fleece pjs ♥ Candy-coloured decor ♥ Sweet, unexpected text messages from faraway friends ♥ Peppermint EOS lip balm ♥ Poppy seed rugelach ♥ This llama!

Tell me about your week, love!
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