Tumblr, Target & Shetland Ponies in Sweaters: Link Love 2.2.2013

Oodles of links for you, this week! Enjoy!

James Deen as the Ikea Monkey... I love it! (Remember this?!).

How do you feel about Tumblr's new dashboard? I'm still undecided.

Oyster lists the best hotel bathrooms in Las Vegas, and wow.. some of them are enormous!

"What is the one thing you are helping people with?" asks Amanda Genther:
What is the one thing that you absolutely love helping people – almost feel obliged to help people learn? What topic are you intensely interested in? ...Go back to the core of your business.

Getting excited about Target Canada? Me too!

A friendly reminder.

Dakota Fanning looks stunning in Glamour.

I love this article about a woman's choice to wear a hijab.

If you're curious about what Lena Dunham did pre-Girls, you should watch Tiny Furniture on Netflix. I haven't yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Related: here's an article about the subject of Lena's new show.

Body glitter totally was the best!

Felicia's houndstooth pattern is tileable, downloadable and free-- not to mention gorgeous.

30 Rock is over! Let's remember Liz Lemon like this.

Lastly: Shetland ponies in sweaters :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Image: Rebel Wilson
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