Things I Love Friday 22.2.2013

Here's what made my week:

Spring is coming! It doesn't feel like it yet-- think icy sidewalks and chilly weather-- but I remain optimistic. I dream of pastel manicures, flirty pinks and sky blues, blooming flowers and outdoor picnics.

Brunch with my dad. Last weekend we dined on amazing Atlantic salmon eggs Florentine and peppermint tea while we caught up. I love that, both being adults now, we're closer than we were when I was a teenager. Now, I look forward to the time we spend together.

I was chosen to model plus size lingerie at an upcoming sex-positive show! I'm so excited. For info about the show (Sexapalooza Toronto), click here. Lingerie & other adult-friendly wares will be on sale. Come say hi!

Super mega love for:

♥ There's a special yoga mat for cats! ♥ Listening to Queen. ♥ Nubby Twiglet's citrus & sunshine moodboards. ♥ Rereading Les Miserables ♥ New twitter followers. ♥ Cream soda ♥ Good mail days! ♥ Catching up on The Big Bang Theory episodes with my mom. ♥ Pizza with sausage, feta and black olives ♥ Flirting! Ooh la la! ♥ Making plans with my best friends. ♥ "LMAO ILY" texts from my dad. LOL, amirite? ♥ Blue & cream stripes. ♥

What made your week, sugar?
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