Photobombs, Cats & Hotel 'Hacks': Link Love 12.13.2013

Hello, doll! Have fun perusing this week's links, and be sure to share your faves in the comments below.

This post from Thought Catalog is very insightful.

Wet Seal is relaunching their plus size line. Lots of the items look cute, but reportedly the sizing is small. Are you excited about this line?

Jennifer Lawrence covers this month's Vanity Fair.

If you travel a lot, this list of hotel 'hacks' is gold.

This article about grapefruit is hilarious. (For the record, I love grapefruit).

Jessica at Too Many Sequins is very stylish. I love this skirt!


MAC is doing something a little different for their Strength campaign, and I like that. (via Stoya).

Quokkas are so cute. Also cute: Pusheen the cat shows you how to make a snowman.

How could you not have a crush on Emma Stone? Speaking of whom, have you seen Emma's latest interview on Ellen?

What did you read this week?

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