Love, Charity & Understanding Chronic Pain: Link Love 5.1.2013

Oh my goodness, the first Link Love of 2013! (It feels kind of weird to type out "2013" instead of "2012"). I hope this year is treating you well, so far!

Snowflake ballerinas! These are so pretty. Here's a free template.

This "Message of Love" poster by Goddess Leonie is absolutely gorgeous (and it's free, too!).

I've always wanted to visit Antarctica. These photos of Emperor penguins just fuel my desire!

Does the fact that these are celebrity photobombs make these pictures funnier? Either way, the Kermit/Lady Gaga one is hilarious.

This chart is very helpful for understanding chronic pain.

You can be fat and fit.

Veronica's post about travelers' phone charger karma is adorable.

There's a web app that suggests books to read, based on your twitter feed! How cool is that?! Okay, so I didn't find it very accurate... But it was fun. How'd it do based on your tweets?

Top 10 Flickr for iPhone Tips.

Alexis is giving away her birthday for Charity:Water. If you donate $32+ to this cause, you'll get a free copy of her guide, Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Business ($47 value).

Last but not least... BUNNIES.

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