Winter Nail Polish Picks

Cold weather doesn't mean giving pretty manicures the cold shoulder! Here are some of my favourite colours and styles:

Cobalt - If you like bright but not quite neon, this is the perfect shade for you. Essie makes a gorgeous cobalt polish. A shocking colour like this looks best on short, square or rounded nails.

Berry - Berry lips were en vogue this fall, and the trend continues with nails. Bonus: berry shades are flattering on most skin tones.

Nude - Subtle and pretty, no matter your colouring, nude nails are many women's go-to, and it's easy to see why. This shade looks great on long or short nails.

Jewel Tones - Match your tips to your Baroque-inspired jewel toned accessories. Jewel tones are not only a great way to be on-trend, but you'll look luxe without spending lots of cash. Elle Canada's list of polishes is great.

Crimson - Fiery red is classic, sexy and screams vixen. What's not to love?

Fun, quirky, colourful nail art - Add a little whimsy to your winter with glitter, designs, or even candy cane stripes. Lots more ideas are at my Pinterest Nail Art board.

What's your go-to winter mani?

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