Snapshots: NYC & DC October 2012

I still can't stop talking about the incredible time I had on my trip! Whether you're planning your own trip to NYC and DC or simply want to live vicariously through mine, here are the highlights:

New York City

-Checking out the amazing exhibits at MoSex
-Exploring Greenwich Village ("The Village").
-Stagekittening class with Lefty Lucy at the New York School of Burlesque
-Authentic New York-style cheesecake at Good Fellas
-Staten Island ferry & Statue of Liberty
-The metro
-Times Square
-Hilariously (and somewhat frighteningly), Elmo is a panhandler!!

Washington, DC & Alexandria and Arlington, VA

-Toured Old Town Alexandria (my favourite part of the state of Virginia)
-Brunch with Lexi and Susan
-Bought new dresses
-Visited the Smithsonian Museum of American History. My mom hung out with Kermit the Frog!
-We flew Porter Airlines home to Toronto, which included a fabulous glass of red wine en route.

And the little things that added that special something to my trip:

♥ Strangers complimenting my pink sequined tote bag ♥ Trader Joe's cinnamon whisks ♥ 
Taking DC's metro (without getting lost!) ♥ My first spa pedicure (!!!)
♥ Fresh peaches (they taste like summer!) ♥ Glittery, skull-patterned manis ♥
Have you ever visited these destinations?
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