How To Get Great Job References

Whether you're looking for a freelance gig or a full-time office job, the (unfortunate) truth is that you'll usually need references. Fortunately, these tips will make finding references a breeze.

1 Ask. Really. Sometimes it's that simple. Send a pleasant email or pick up the phone and say you need a reference for a job you're applying for, and you would really appreciate it if they could help you out.

2 Tell them what you need. Specifics. What does your interviewer want to talk about? Your organizational skills? Your ability to work in a team? Don't leave your reference out of the loop. It's disrespectful, annoying, and simply won't help them help you make a good impression.

3 Return the favour. Simple paying-it-forward and good karma work wonders.

4 Have friends in high places. You know how they say "it's about who you know, not what you know"? Sometimes that's true. Networking is vital to your career.

5 Be great at what you do. Then, asking for a reference is simply getting a friend to rave about how awesome you are.

6 Remember that a little politeness goes a long way. Say please, and be sure to shoot your references a thank you email afterwards.

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