TiLT 12.7.2012: Off to Buffalo!

It's Thursday, sugar! You know what that means... Time for Things I Love Thursday.

The highlights:

Taking ridiculous, adorable pictures with Chana and Tush on a Maltesers-fueled sugar high was pretty awesome. I don't talk about them enough here, do I? My childhood best friends, Chana and Tush (and Shu, who's part of our group, but whom I rarely get to see) are so dear to me. Throughout my anxiety disorder-plagued elementary school days and tumultuous teen years they've been by my side, and now, in our 20s, we're closer than ever. More than anything, I wish for every woman to have friends this incredible. Friends who are practically sisters.

Working with Alexis Grant. I've read her blog for years and admired her for almost as long. If you don't follow The Traveling Writer, you definitely should. I read it religiously when I went on my first cross-continent adventure, especially on the days when I was scared out of my mind! Alexis is also an incredibly successful freelance writer and entrepreneur, so you can see why I look up to her so much. I think I'm rambling (which is okay I guess, because TiLT is the most personal of FBBI's series, but I digress... I'm excited!

Amanda Palmer's video for Want It Back just came out, and it's incredible. Artistic and emotional and just... so AFP. You should watch it.

Little things which made me smile:

Listening to Lana Del Rey on repeat Running into my dad and brother at Indigo
Katy Perry: Part of Me Thin-crust Kalamata olive and feta pizza The Ramen Girl
Nautical stripes, everywhere! Girl's night out with Hannah and Maman Discovering Keshet Blog love from my twitter friends ♥

I'm off to get ready for my mini trip, but don't worry-- I have a fashion post to share before I leave, and lots of pretty pictures and other exciting stuff queued up on tumblr.

What's on your TiLT list this week?

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