14 Things I Love About America

Image: Anne Miller

Happy 4th of July, American friends! In honour of your special day, let's count down my favourite 14 things about the lovely USA.

14 New York City. I'll never forget the beautiful few days I spent in the city that never sleeps!

13 American Dad. The perfect mix of stupid humour and intelligent laughs.

12 Sweet Tea. Delicious, refreshing and the drink associated with southern hospitality (see #2).

11 Casserole. Though it was invented by a French Canadian, the hearty baked goodness was largely popularized by American housewives from the 1950s to 1970s.

10 Junk Food. Take 5, Oreos and Zero bars? I love you.

9 Disney, Disney World, Disney Land, Mickey Mouse... Everything Disney. The child in me thanks you, America.

8 Trader Joe's. I could spend hours there!

7 Florida. This one is obvious.

6 Magazines. There are so many great magazines based in America, like Bust, Bitch and Glamour.

5 Pop Culture. Okay, I could take or leave lots of it, but there are so many incredible movie stars and musicians from America's past and present: My Chemical Romance, Bette Davis, Lady Gaga, Emma Stone, Patsy Cline, Taylor Swift, Montgomery Clift....

4 Red, White & Blue. It's very easy and enjoyable to express your love of the USA in your decor or clothing.

3 Patriotism. Stars and stripes are everywhere! The passion and pride Americans feel for their country are so inspiring.

2 Southern Hospitality. I'm enamoured of Southern Belle culture. It's practically an art.

1 USA + Canada's Friendship. Being Canadian, this had to be my first choice. Of course.

What's your favourite thing about America?

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