Things I Love Thursday: 24.5.2012

Is it Thursday again, already?!

This week I made some new friends, got a bunch of books in the mail and learned to use a steam cleaner. I continued to work on my soon-to-be-released body image ebook, bought a bright blue flokati rug and helped lots of readers feel good about themselves.

It's definitely been a good week! How was yours?

♥ Soft pillows ♥ Bright yellow crop top ♥ Waking up to lovely emails ♥ Invitiations to burlesque shows ♥ The "fish sticks" episode of South Park. OMG so silly! ♥ Cheese blintzes for lunch with my dad and brother ♥ Teal manicures ♥ Online shopping at 5 am ♥ One of my best friends got into nursing school! I'm proud of you, Chana! ♥ Oreo ice cream for breakfast ♥ Pasta that's perfectly cooked for lunch ♥ Air conditioning!! ♥ Red lipstick ♥ Deep-fried anything!

What's on your list this week?

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