Things I Love Thursday: 17.5.2012

After an awesome weekend in Buffalo, it's been nice to spend a few days doing nothing but catching up on sleep, chores and errands. Not exciting, but quite pleasant.

The highlights:

School. I'm taking a course at University of Toronto. It's part of the Freelance Certificate I'm working toward, bit by bit. It's a really great program and I definitely recommend it if you want to hone your writing skills while studying part time.

Embracing the single life. There are times when it's lonely and difficult, but this week I've really enjoyed my independence.

My article was featured at Datingish! Thank you, readers, and thank you, Xanga staff.

Deep fried green beans Late-night streetcar rides Francine from American Dad Whole wheat pizza with pesto, veggies and goat cheese Waking up to sweet, unexpected texts from friends Sweet tea. Ice cold & lots of it! Buying much-needed wardrobe basics Bright yellow shoes Getting compliments on my manicure Catching up on my RSS reader

What was the highlight of your week?

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