DIY Manicures Changed My Life

As a kid, I'd bite my nails whenever I was nervous. As I got older, I'd pick at my cuticles during panic attacks, completely unaware of what I was doing until my fingers were bleeding or infected.

But this isn't a post about dermatillomania (though I have been meaning to write one). It's not about bad habits from childhood, either. It's about how changing one little item in my beauty regimen has boosted my self esteem.

After an entirely sucky period in my life, I was left drained and insecure (especially in my appearance). I felt ugly more often than I felt acceptable, and I could probably count the number of days I spent feeling pretty on my hands.

I struggled my way back to self-love and self-confidence, but some days are still a battle. That's why the little things I do to make myself feel happy and beautiful are so important.

I recently began painting my nails; spending hours selecting a shade of polish, painting on coat after coat, covering it in glitter and admiring my handiwork. It's been worth it. This tiny change in how I take care of myself physically (and, I suppose, splurge on nail lacquer from time to time) makes me feel good.

What little something do you treat yourself to for an ego boost?

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