DIY Accessories & Edible Flower Lollies: Link Love 13.4.2012

Happy Friday, my dears! Time for some link love:

These DIY Polka Dot Sunglasses are adorable-- and so easy to make!

Spring Flower Lollipops... Dainty, beautiful, and you can make them yourself! Best part? They contain real edible flowers, which is positively decadent!

More DIY: These wedges are really cute!

An entertaining infographic about 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly.

Because I love the South: How To Speak With a Southern Accent. I admit, y'all, that I just can't get enough of that Southern drawl.

Have you read my interview with Emilie Autumn yet?!

How precious is this photobomb-ing sloth?

This was all over the internet last week, but in case you missed it... Texts From Hillary is pretty awesome.

Have a wonderful weekend, kittens!

Image Source? If you know, please let me know!

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