Snapshots: Niagara Falls (1 Day, On Foot!)

With a few hours to spare, a cell phone camera and a $3 inter-city bus ticket, I spent this past Wednesday in Niagara Falls, ON.

I explored the city on foot, discovering tourist attractions, a quaint residential area and the historic downtown district.

How could I go to Niagara Falls without visiting the falls?

Being a proud, Patriotic Canadian, I made a point of visiting this statue erected in memory of Canadians who lost their lives in World Wars I and II.

Just across the street is Clifton Hill, home to all of Niagara Falls' most famous tourist traps. I sipped an iced coffee and people-watched.

Having had enough of the crowds, I wandered to the slightly quieter Falls Avenue and paid a visit to the Hershey Store.

After lunch, I did some shopping, then headed downtown. It was surprisingly quiet-- nothing like downtown Toronto-- but gorgeous.

A stunning mural painted on the side of a Queen Street building.

Archways like this welcome passersby on nearly every downtown street.

The Seneca Theatre on Queen Street has been around since 1940! This season, a production of Rent is playing. I had to pose for a snapshot below the marquee!

The old buildings near the bus station are incredible. While waiting for my bus, I admired the architecture.

After a long, tiring, fabulous day in Niagara Falls, I headed home... Until next time!

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