TiLT 23.2.2012: Old friends, new friends & lemon tarts

It's Thursday: time for our weekly love-fest & list of all the things we're grateful for.
I'll go first (& then you comment with yours}, okay?

The past few days have granted me many opportunities to reconnect with old classmates, as well as make new friends (including Ms Autumn, pictured above, whom I interviewed before her concert last night!!). I'd been feeling lonely for so long, & the universe answered my wish for companionship. I couldn't be happier!

Little things which made me smile:

Lemon tarts at Leslieville cafes ♥ Buying a new lace half-slip ♥ Discussing Madonna with Ari (who's totally awesome & whom I've known since elementary school!) ♥ Little bursts of much-needed confidence ♥ Planning day-trips to Niagara Falls ♥ Reading short stories so good that make you lose track of time ♥ Finding fat-positive zines in my mailbox

What made you smile this week?

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  1. post the interview xD u r sooo lucky u got 2 meet her!!! i only got 2 stay for an hour of her show since it was a school night!


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