Body Shaming Hurts Skinny Girls Too

Angelina Jolie looking gorgeous at the Oscars. Look at all the fucks she gives about the haters who say she needs a sandwich! Image Source.

I'm curvy. But that doesn't mean I won't stick up for my slenderer sisters. On the contrary: I know what it's like to have my body viewed with disgust, to be belittled and bullied over my appearance, so I'll do everything I can to save other women the pain.

On the rare occasion that I'm complimented for my size, it usually goes like this:

Person: Wow, you're pretty/have nice hips/big boobs/whatever.

Me: Thank you.

Person: It's true, real women have curves.

I'm left wondering: What the fuck? My friends who are skinny aren't real? Does that mean they're figments of my imagination? They can't find jeans that fit their tiny hips, so they don't exist?

It's meant as a compliment, but sizist catchphrases like "real women have curves" or "she should eat a sandwich" are just as hurtful to thin girls as "but you have such a pretty face, it's a shame you're so fat" or "she should stop eating" are to fat girls.

The only way we'll beat body-shaming, once and for all, is if we all stop bashing each other's size and start realizing that all bodies are good bodies, regardless of how large or small.

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