100 Things to do in 2012

I love lists. I love goals. And I love Goddess Leonie's Goddess Guidebook, which totally advocates both of these things. Leonie shared her 100 Things To Do In 2012 list & that inspired me to do the same.

Some of these things are frivolous and fun, while others are more goal-oriented or related to self-improvement or career. All of them are important to me. Let's go!
  1. Find the best lip stain for me & wear it beautifully
  2. Figure out what 'my drink' is
  3. Go for a long hike in High Park
  4. Moisturize more often
  5. Find the perfect pushup bra
  6. Visit a few of my favourite cities
  7. Go to the ocean!!!! I haven't been in years and I crave it like nothing else
  8. Get over my ex completely
  9. Spend more time and energy on loving myself
  10. Kiss a girl
  11. Kiss a boy
  12. Publish an article on Selective Mutism in a magazine or newspaper
  13. Have a fantastically indulgent "staycation" with my Maman
  14. Get my eyebrows done professionally
  15. And a manicure
  16. Interview Emilie Autumn when she comes to Canada this year (!!!) 
  17. Read the article here!
  18. Meditate more
  19. Bake muffins
  20. Bring sandwiches to the homeless gentlemen near my favourite library
  21. Go to a musical (preferably on Broadway!)
  22. Go to a concert (Emilie Autumn). Maybe another?!
  23. Dance in moonlight, say spells & be more spiritual overall
  24. Get my ears repierced
  25. Start a savings account
  26. Apply to a college or university program. Probably Journalism.
  27. Learn basic typography
  28. And html
  29. And graphic design
  30. Write a short story
  31. Try yoga
  32. Visit another country
  33. Take the train
  34. Paint something beautiful
  35. Work on my passive streams of income
  36. Become more fluent in French
  37. Start learning Finnish (again!)
  38. Declutter my bedroom
  39. Invest in a DSLR
  40. And a better tripod
  41. Set up my etsy store
  42. Write an article on Trichotillomania
  43. Perfect the art of the casserole!
  44. Send a PostSecret
  45. Tell a stranger she's beautiful
  46. Go swimming
  47. Finish an entire tube of lip balm
  48. Go to an opera
  49. Share a popsicle (the kind that break in half!) with a friend when it's really hot out
  50. Leave a huge tip
  51. Visit the Niagara Hershey's Factory
  52. Have a slumber party with my best friends
  53. Visit Stacy in Ottawa
  54. Visit Kayla in CT
  55. Ride a ferris wheel
  56. Ride a carousel
  57. Spend a day at the ROM
  58. Spend a day at the library
  59. Spend a day writing at Second Cup
  60. Buy some fabulous high heels
  61. Try quilling
  62. Make a cross-stitch sampler
  63. Acquire a classic circle skirt to wear with my crinoline
  64. Treat a friend to cupcakes at Sweet Escape or Dufflet's
  65. Treat myself to dinner in Little Italy
  66. Give something fabulous away on RebeccaEsther.com... for free :)
  67. Join LinkedIn Rebecca Esther on LinkedIn.
  68. Join Flickr
  69. Condition my hair more frequently
  70. Practice making prints (block prints, letterpress, etc)
  71. Print out a bunch of my photos and fill a photo album
  72. Improve my photography skills
  73. Work on Living Creatively (a new project that's in progress!)
  74. Support more independent artists, more often
  75. Memorize a beautiful poem
  76. Volunteer at a burlesque show (I haven't in ages and I miss that!)
  77. Flirt with someone cute :)
  78. Get business cards printed
  79. Take part in an LGBT/Pride event
  80. Do something political, like volunteer for the NDP
  81. Eat some chocolate-dipped cookies from Steeles Bakery
  82. Not ready to talk about this one, but it has to do with my friend Veronica.
  83. Celebrate Shabbat
  84. Be my own valentine
  85. Celebrate Easter
  86. Celebrate Samhain
  87. Celebrate Christmas
  88. Get all dolled up and go to a bar (solo!)
  89. Ace my Human Sexuality course
  90. Visit the Smithsonian museums
  91. Buy a corset
  92. Do something wild & fabulous with my hair
  93. Make sea salt or sugar scrub
  94. Go sledding
  95. Write a guest post for someone's blog
  96. Be hired to help a business with copy writing or editing
  97. Read a really great memoir
  98. Make handmade sachets
  99. Buy a huge tote bag or carry-on luggage (for day trips)
  100. Find amazing Canadian companies with whom to work
  101. Make someone smile every single day
The ones I've done are struck out. .

What's on your 2012 To Do list?

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