TiLT 19,1,2012: Strawberries, Leopard Print Leggings & Stacks of Mags

Thursday is here again!
It's a gorgeous, chilly day in Toronto, full of possibility! It's still pretty early as I type this (barely 9 am), a great time to reflect on this week.

A few big things I'm excited about & grateful for:

~ Working on my very first Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post. Lots of my favourite bloggers have this feature and I've been tempted for a while, because it looks fun & is such a great source of sartorial inspiration, so I can't wait to join in.

~ Toronto's weather. I can't stop talking about how great it is! Cold & sunny, sans ice and snow. I love it!

~ Time does heal all wounds. No elaboration required.

Little things which made me smile:

♥ Leopard print leggings ♥ Catching up with old friends ♥ Discovering THE BEST conditioner that makes your hair silky smooth-- finally!! ♥ Jason Webley's Only Just Beginning ♥ Getting awesome things in the mail ♥ I bought a new bag for my upcoming trip to Buffalo. I'll only be gone a couple days, so going sans suitcase (but still with a change of clothes & room for new purchases!) will be great. ♥ Fresh strawberries. Unseasonably delicious! ♥ Stacks of magazines ♥ Snuggling with my cat, Edward ♥ Crinoline, lace & sequins ♥

What's on your TiLT list this week?

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