An Open Letter To Anonymous Haters

Dear Anonymous Haters who post nasty comments on my blog,

I am flattered. Truly. Not only do you take the time to read my work, but you meticulously craft scathing responses to my every post. You are so good at sharing your hateful words in a timely manner (within a day of my updates-- wow!) but you word them so creatively, so eloquently. For example: "dear becca, my responze to your last post is fuck ylou".

Oh god. That stung!

Also, you are very brave, leaving an anonymous comment on a not-yet-popular blog. That takes guts, doesn't it?

Here's another gem:

I told Kamen you'd blogged about him.
And everytime you mention him, I will tell him. You may be hurt by whatever he ''did'' but Stop talking fucking shit about him over and over again. You say you're done with him but you're not. Youre using him to get fucking sympathy for nothing, thats just cruel. Stop trying to make out you've done fuck all wrong when youve caused more damaage than anyone else.

1 Ooh, I'm so scared someone told Kamen I'd blogged about him!
2 You put 'did' in quotation marks?! Now you're serious! I am shaking in my boots. For realz.
3 I'm talking "fucking shit" about him? Not just "shit", but "fucking shit"? Actually, anon, I'm talking "fucking shit" about you right now. You must feel so special.
4 What is "damaage"? Is that pronounced 'dahm-aw-j".

These are just the latest comments. The others I didn't care to post because making up snarky responses to them all is a waste of my time.

And next time I write an open letter, I think it'll be responses to my favourite positive comments from my dedicated readers (other than Victoria, because she's a cunt).

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