Link Love 27.5.2012

Lego man in space, slap bracelets, a very smart cat & more!!

It's Friday! Time for some Link Love:

I really like these t-shirts... And if you're fat & fabulous like me, you will, too!

Why I Don't Own a Scale from Lovelyish is great. The way your body feels is more an indicator of health than the number on the scale, so I agree with this article. Do you?

You should follow CatFoodBreath on twitter. He's one smart feline. Check out the conversation we had the other day:

Ooh, these slap bracelets are nifty!
Two Toronto 17-year-olds sent a Lego man into space. How incredible is that?! (The Canadian flag was a nice touch).

Have a great weekend, gorgeous!

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