"My heart's beating better alone..."

How can you let yourself fall when you're terrified of getting hurt? I can't explain it, even though I've been in love. I've fallen. Hard. Scared beyond words, I've fallen in love.

Alexz Johnson's latest single, Skipping Stone is about exactly this. Of the song, she writes, "I wanted to try and capture the intimacy, pain and realness that often accompany being in love. If a heart were to get broken, there's a tendency to move forward pretending we weren't really hurt that bad after all. I think it takes incredible courage to let yourself fall. If you have, this song is for you".

Here's Skipping Stone:

You can download the song for free (!!) at AlexzJohnson.com.

My heart's beating better alone
And if it is broke why let you know?
This heart's not your skipping stone
If I'm sinking water than why even bother
Leave it alone
This hearts not your skipping stone

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