Happy Birthday, Becca!

I celebrated my twentieth birthday today. I believe that, no matter your age, you have wisdom to impart to the world. So here's mine:

• Do what makes you happy.

• It's okay to be different. In fact, you will find that you're not 'weird' or 'fucked up'; you're special, and the people who love you will see that.

• Laughter and sex are not mutually exclusive.

Reading "health" magazines is actually bad for your health.

• It's okay to ask for help.

• Sometimes when we're stressed, we forget to breathe. Stop and take a deep breath. You'll feel better.

• You're never too old for Toy Story.

• A change of scenery can change your life. Sometimes a trip is exactly what you need.

• Never doubt the power of hugs to bring people closer together-- not just literally.

• Self-love is essential. You are worth loving. Celebrate!

• Drinking multiple glasses of water each day is very good for you.

• Your true friends will stand by you, no matter what.

• Birthday cake is delicious year-round (not just on your birthday!).

• Learning to love your body is probably a lifelong process, so you had best get started now! It's worth it, and so are you.

• That old cliche, "age is just a number" is absolutely correct.

• Once in a while, ice cream for breakfast is divine.

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