Harry Potter Cocktails, Clever Monkey + Pina Colada Sorbet: Confetti 19.08.2011

Happy Friday! Have some confetti to celebrate!

A picture of me + two of my very best friends at Lake Ontario last summer <3. Photo belongs to us!

A black macaque borrowed a photographer's camera and took a series of hilarious self-portraits.

Pina Colada Sorbet... 'nough said!

Starbucks Spelling features coffee cups with mispelled names. Silly, but good for a laugh.

I especially like numbers 4 + 7! Glamour's 12 Ways to Flirt Without Saying a Word.

Elle Fanning stars in the new Marc by Marc Jacobs ads. Stunning!

Have you seen my article on Love Twenty? 7 Easy Body Image Boosters.

Harry Potter cocktails! As Ron would say, bloody brilliant! :D Find them here + here.

What are your weekend plans, gorgeous?

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