Fab Hats + Blog Love: TiLT 11.9.2011

Happy Thursday!

Here are the little things which made me smile this week:

♥<3 Texting song lyrics back and forth with Kamen.

♥<3 Wearing my favourite hat! Check out the picture below. It's from July. I've been wearing the hat all time since I got it! [You can buy your own, in any colour, with or without ears, here!! They're handmade in the USA.]
Full disclosure: My boyfriend runs Table Monkey Knitwear. But I'm advertizing not because he wants me to, but because I genuinely love the products and overall company + think you will too!

Here I am, wearing my favourite hat! [Photo by me]

<3 I went to Taste of the Danforth, an annual Greek food street festival, with one of my best friends, Tush. We shared lots of laughs and delicious treats, including baklava. It was awesome!

<3 Receiving heartfelt comments and emails on my blog always makes my week!

What made your week?

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