Thoughts on New York City

I might have judged New York City too harshly.

I was there for less than 24 hours, on layover on my way home from Orlando, Florida. It was midnight when I arrived. The streets were packed with iconic yellow cabs and their drivers, ordering me to get in their taxis as well as rather creepy drunken-looking people, one of whom yelled "nice tits" as I walked past. The occasional tourist wandered past as well, but that was all.

Not a great first impression to give me, NYC.

Maybe I'd enjoy the city more if I weren't so easily stressed. It's GO GO GO! which I like sometimes, but with an anxiety disorder, that unrelentless pace can be overwhelming rather than exciting.

On the other hand... I like that the streets are numbered. I like that it's the Broadway show capital of the world. I like that famous artists, writers and bohemians hail from NYC-- Jonathan Larson, Gala Darling, Lady Gaga. I like that same-sex marriage was finally (!!) legalized just before I arrived.

Maybe holding hands with my boyfriend, wandering the streets with Starbucks in my free hand and a camera around my neck, I'll learn to love this city that I'm so desperate to adore.

Have you ever been to New York City? What was your experience?

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